How do celebrities get their perfect teeth?

By Dr. Tarek O. Zaki, D.D.S.

Braces woman Zaki Orthodontics Virginia BeachWe often see celebrities flash their beautiful pearly whites with confidence, and they should, because those flawless teeth didn’t happen by chance. Celebrities wore braces to make their teeth look the way they do now.


How do celebrities get their perfect teeth?

In fact, some celebrities proudly rocked their braces on the red carpet, like Gwen Stefani. Just look at what her teeth look like now!


Gwen Stefani With Braces


Gwen Stefani After Braces







Celebrities Who Wore Braces

We’ve compiled a few photos from Glamour Magazine’s Celebrity Teeth: Before and After slideshow. For their full slideshow click here. Another fun slideshow from shows you how celebrities looked while wearing braces. Click here to view it. These slideshows reveal that pretty teeth can make all the difference.

If you thought Tom Cruise was always dashing, think again. Those teeth didn’t always cause ladies to swoon.


Tom Cruise Before Braces


Tom Cruise After Braces







Nicholas Cage sported a bottom set of braces to correct his crooked teeth.


Nicholas Cage Before Braces


Nicholas Cage After Braces







Zac Efron’s smile went from gapped to gorgeous.

Zack Efron before braces orthodontics

Zack Efron Before Braces

Zack Efron after braces orthodontics

Zack Efron After Braces







Cheryl Cole’s teeth needed a little straightening to mature her look.


Cheryl Cole Before Braces


Cheryl Cole After Braces








It’s easy to see from all these photos what a difference straight teeth can make. Straight teeth can take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. In fact, good teeth can change the entire look of the face.

Are you hoping your teeth will achieve celebrity status?

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