A Smoothie for Your Smile


Zaki Orthodontics in Virginia beach gives you a special treat the day you get your braces!

We know that the day you get your braces put on, your mouth will be a little sore. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the feeling! As a special gift to you, Zaki Orthodontics will give you

Smoothie for Your Smile at Zaki Orthodontics


A Smoothie for Your Smile!





That’s right! We will give you a gift certificate on the day you first get your braces for a FREE 24oz Smoothie at the Tropical Smoothie on Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach.

Zak Orthodontics Tropical Smoothie Gift Certificate

Tropical Smoothie Café

3813 Princess Anne Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456



This special gift, a Smoothie for Your Smile, is only for patients of Zaki Orthodontics in Virginia Beach on the day they first get their braces.

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