Complex Multi-Specialist Cases

Zaki Orthodontics in Virginia Beach works with other Specialists to help patients with injuries, cross bites and disabilities.These complex, multi-specialist cases require the coordination of several specialists, like Oral Surgeons, Dentists, Periodontists, Plastic Surgeons and Ear Nose and Throat doctors. This coordination is done not only to give the patient the best care possible, but it gives the patient peace-of-mind that all of the specialists are working together.

These types of cases can include:

1. Sport Injuries:These can range from a broken or knocked-out tooth, to a broken jaw.

2. Auto Accidents: Like sports injuries, the injury can range from a broken or knocked-out tooth, to a broken jaw. The patient may have serious facial injuries that need to be treated first.

3. Improper Jaw Alignment: The jaw may need to be surgically repositioned so as to achieve a proper bite. This may be done in the early or latter stages of orthodontic treatment. Jay Leno and David Letterman are examples of people who have disproportionate jaws. Jay has a big lower jaw and David has a backwardly-positioned lower jaw. If you are unhappy with such a facial pattern, it can be readily corrected with orthognathic surgery combined with orthodontics.

4. Hereditary Conditions: Sometimes permanent teeth never grow in. This is called Congenitally Missing Teeth. In such cases, the orthodontist re-creates the space to allow for artificial replacement (implants or bridgework) by the dentist.

5. Impacted Teeth: Sometimes teeth fail to erupt and may be in a very awkward position inside the jaw. Dr. Zaki can work with a periodontist to have the tooth brought into its normal position in the mouth.

6. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Do you use a c-pap machine? People who have a lower jaw that sits too far back (double chinned) are more prone to have difficulty breathing normally at night. If their lower jaw can be propped forward using special splints, this can often open up their airway. An orthodontist and an oral surgeon can get together and advance the jaw to correct both the airway and the facial profile.

In all Complex, Multi-Specialist Cases, Dr. Zaki will work with the other specialists to coordinate the care and treatment plan needed to help the patient. This includes both treatment and recovery. In these cases, the orthodontic treatment becomes part of the whole treatment plan.

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