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Zaki Orthodontics Virginia Beach orthodontist 2nd OpinionZaki Orthodontics in Virginia Beach is here to help you make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment, and that includes giving you a 2nd opinion for free. Dr. Tarek Zaki will perform a complete and comprehensive examination and explain your orthodontic treatment options. We offer this valuable service free of charge.

Do you know that only 17% of people will get a 2nd opinion for a medical procedure? That number* is low compared to the percentage of people who get a 2nd opinion for a home repair. Wouldn’t you agree that your teeth and mouth are more important than home repair? Dr. Zaki is experienced, educated and qualified to provide the best orthodontic care for you and your family.

*Information by Harris Interactive, an independent research firm.


Why should you choose Zaki Orthodontics for a 2nd opinion consultation?

1. Your initial consultation is free.

2. It starts with a free comprehensive examination.

3. Dr. Zaki outlines and discusses several options, including details of your treatment, any issues you have, duration of your treatment, insurance coverage and available financing.

4. You will receive a financial summary sheet.

5. Your plan will be customized to suit your needs, what you want and Dr. Zaki’s recommendations.Dr. Zaki - Orthodontist in Virginia Beach

6. Dr. Zaki is an American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certified Orthodontist. That means he has voluntarily gone through hundreds of additional hours of preparation to demonstrate his judgment, skills and knowledge required for providing the highest level of patient care. The ABO is the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and in affiliation with the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Zaki stays on top of new technology through education, training and membership with professional orthodontic organizations.


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Why You Should Get a 2nd Opinion

With almost four million children, teens and adults getting their teeth straightened, Braces are one of the most common of dental treatments. They require both time and money, yet only 6 percent of 2nd opinions are sought by parents. Why?

1. It takes time to research and go to another appointment to get a 2nd opinion

2. Almost 91% of Americans say they trust their oral care provider.

Orthodontics is an art and a science. There should be no cookie-cutter approach for treatment. It’s perfectly normal to find that each orthodontist has different opinions on how to treat a case. A good orthodontist will give you the pros and cons of various treatment options.

It is up to you, the patient, to decide which treatment plan suits you the best. A good orthodontist will not be offended by your need for a 2nd opinion because he or she will understand that you need the best plan for you and your family.

At Zaki Orthodontics, we recognize that you are the advocate for your family and we will provide a thorough consultation and make sure all your concerns will be addressed.

When You Should Get a 2nd Opinion

There are some red flags that should automatically trigger you to want a 2nd opinion about your orthodontic care:

1. You are given a treatment plan that is generic and not customized for your specific needs. It is the same treatment for all patients. For example, everyone gets the same teeth pulled before treatment.

2. Promises are made that can not be fulfilled with the proposed braces and appliances.

3. The time period seems short to accomplish the end result. Most orthodontic treatment plans cannot be done with a 6-month Smile plan. The goal for any treatment should be to get the best solution with a trained and experienced orthodontist. It’s not to get the shortest plan.

4. You are asked to consent to less than excellent results due to the inherent limitations of certain appliances that will be used in place of traditional braces.

5. You are not comfortable with the proposed orthodontic treatment plan.

6. There is pressure to make a decision immediately.

7. The dentist or orthodontist does not listen to your concerns and has you in and out very fast.

8. The dentist does not have the extensive education and experience to treat your orthodontic needs.

Customizing treatments based on each patient’s wants and needs is critical to the success and end goal of the treatment plan. A consultation should include explanations and recommendations. Take time to evaluate your options and fully consider all factors.

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