Orthodontic FAQ

What are some dental problems that cause the need for orthodontic treatments?

Crowding of the teeth – When you have too many teeth in your mouth in comparison to the size of your jaw it causes tooth crowding, or teeth that overlap one another. Tooth crowding causes aesthetic and dental problems. Dental problems arise from the inability to properly clean overlapped teeth causing tooth decay and gum disease. Orthodontists can treat crowding by extraction or expansion of arches or by slenderizing the teeth.

Open bite – An open bite is when your front top and bottom teeth don’t touch when you bite down on your back teeth. Many times open bites are created by tongue thrust. Orthodontists can treat open bite using braces, Invisalign® or jaw surgery.

Deep overbite – A deep overbite is when the top front teeth completely cover the bottom front teeth when biting down. Orthodontists can treat overbites.

Congenitally Missing Teeth  Sometimes permanent teeth never grow in. This is known as Congenitally Missing Teeth and is usually a hereditary issue. An upper lateral incisor or a second bicuspid are the teeth most commonly involved. There are different types of orthodontic treatment for missing teeth, including the combination of braces and dental implants. Sometimes an orthodontist can close the space by moving the neighboring teeth. This can help you avoid the need for expensive implants or bridgework.

Underbite – An underbite is when the lower front teeth stick out in front of the upper front teeth when biting down. Underbites may be inherited, and they are easier to correct in children. Orthodontists often use expanders or reverse pull headgear to treat underbites in children. The reverse pull headgear looks like a facemask and is worn at night. Adult underbites may need to be treated with a combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery

Spacing of teeth – Teeth can be spaced either too far apart or too close together. This spacing not only effects tooth aesthetics but proper dental care. Orthodontists use many different treatments and methods to improve spacing.

Overjet – Overjet is often referred to as “protrusion” because it occurs when the upper front teeth appear to protrude out too far. In some cases it is actually the lower front teeth that are too far back.  Overjet can prevent proper function of the front teeth and make them more susceptible to trauma.

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