Non-Emergency Types of Problems

Fortunately, most traumatic orthodontic emergencies seldom happen,but there are some common problems that can occur with braces. For most problems, you may even be able to alleviate the pain or discomfort by yourself until you can call and visit our office the next day.

Common orthodontic emergencies include:

Broken brackets: A broken bracket is typically not an urgent condition. When the bracket comes off the tooth, it is still attached with a rubber band to the wire. It may move on the wire, but the elastics tie should prevent it from being swallowed. It is best to call Dr. Zaki’s office when this occurs for recommendation or an appointment to come in to have it fixed.

Loose band: A loose band can be fixed easily. It only causes a bigger problem if it’s not fixed over time. A loose band can allow saliva and bacteria to enter the crevice between the tooth and the band, and it can eat away at the enamel and cause decalcification (white spot) or a cavity on the tooth surface. This only happens if you don’t get it fixed. Make sure to tell Dr. Zaki if whneyou have a loose band.

Poking wire: As part of you orthodontic treatment, a wire and bracketsare used to move your teeth. While your teeth are being moved into a better position, the wire will get longer at the back of the braces. The wire may then poke the inside of your mouth near the molar area and cause pain and discomfort to the tissue. For a simple fix, dry the area first with a paper towel, roll a piece of orthodontic wax into a ball and place it into the area of the poking wire. If the pain and discomfort continue, call Dr. Zaki to schedule an appointment, so the wire can be clipped

Orthodontic discomfort or pain: When your orthodontic treatment first starts, you may have some discomfort because you are not used to having braces and appliances in your mouth. During the course of your treatment, Dr. Zaki will make adjustments and tighten your wire. If you have discomfort, you canrinse with warm saltwater or take an over-the-counter pain reliever if approved by your doctor.

Loose expander appliance: If your expander becomes loose, call our office immediately, so we can schedule an appointment. The expander is used to help widen the upper jaw and dental arch. It may become very uncomfortable if it’s not in the proper position. If it falls out completely, any correction that has taken place may be lost if it’s not immediately re-glued.

Lost/Broken retainers: This is a very common problem with children and teens and sometimes adults because a retainer is removed when they eat and brush their teeth. One of the more common excuses we hear is,“The dog ate my retainer.”Believe it or not, many times that is true. The same reason your dog or cat likes to curl up in your dirty laundry is the same reason they like to chew on retainers. It smells like you!

Your teeth can move if you’re not wearing your retainer. If you have lost or damaged your retainer, please let Dr. Zaki know as soon as possible.

Mouth Sores: Sometimes you can get mouth sores from your braces because they can rub against your gums, tongue, lips and the inside of your cheeks. Dr. Zaki recommends using wax and/or a warm salt-water rinse in those sensitive areas. If you get sores from your braces and need help relieving the pain, call our office to discuss options to make you more comfortable. Usually a quick visit to the office will ease whatever is bothering you.

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