Zaki Orthodontics 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Zaki Orthodontics
My son and I love this office and everyone is so friendly that works there. After only 4 months I am seeing dramatic results occurring with my sons treatment. Recommend this place to anyone needing orthodontic care.
Zaki Orthodontics
"Doctor Zaki came as a recommendation per my dentist Jim Salerno. I have never regretted my decision to get my braces and retainers from Dr. Zaki and I hope that I never will. My teeth have never been this straight before and I love the atmosphere of the place. Dr. Zaki has some of the nicest assistants working in his office as well. The office is also very professional and offers financial plans if you cannot pay for the fee's up front.

I would recommend him to any friend that ever asked."
Zaki Orthodontics
My visits to Zaki Orthodontics are fantastic! Every time I am there I they make me feel at home. Thanks to them I have perfect smile!
Zaki Orthodontics
I have to say I'm impressed with the work the friendly orthodontists who work here have done correcting my overbite. Like anyone I dreaded getting braces at first but in no time they easily became tolerable. The period of time I had to wear them was relatively short but the results were dramatic and well worth the wait. Now I have a perfectly straight smile I can be proud to flash at anywhere.
Zaki Orthodontics
I am an adult who needed upper jaw surgery. Dr. Zaki and his staff have been exceptional, kind and patient with me the entire way. I still have my braces on and look forward to every visit. I did shop around looking for a great Orthodontist and great prices. Dr. Zaki's prices were the best. He went above and beyond with my teeth and I am very happy. I recommend him to everyone 🙂
Zaki Orthodontics
We have just had our second daughter's braces off today. Both experiences have been extremely wonderful. When we first looked for an orthodontist we had one tell us they would cure overbite by removing adult teeth and then pulling them in with brackets. Dr Zaki was against removing adult teeth as we were. They install a device that actually moved the lower jaw out a bit and the upper that were straightened out creating a truly beautiful look. We all have said many times “how beautiful” to both of our girls during the process. We are waiting for our son to lose a few more baby teeth and we will go nowhere else. Also the team and process of scheduling at the office is so easy and we are grateful being two working parents. Thank you Dr Zaki and team!!!!